Secure Software Development


Security is no isolated quality that can be integrated into a system retroactively. It requires careful consideration right at the start of the development and demands continuous attention and control throughout a system’s lifecycle. We will support you with best practices for secure software design and implementation that help you to avoid security vulnerabilities from the beginning, such as

  • Security Requirements elicitation and specification,
  • Attack surface analysis and risk assessment,
  • Secure Architecture Design
  • Oder Secure Coding

and to take appropriate technical and organizational security measures in all phases of development and operation.

„Thanks to comlet’s support we were able to positively complete an important customer project.”

Frank Goddard,
Wincor Nixdorf Internat. GmbH

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Tuesday, 04. November 2014

  From the 24th to 26th of February 2014 the largest international...

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