Continuous Testing

Investment in the quality of your product

Customer satisfaction is naturally at the top of your agenda. To achieve this, you need to ensure the quality of your products. Without an intelligent test strategy, the effort of manual tests will increase enormously at the latest with the start of the production phase.


No compromise on product quality means automating necessary manual tests. To even safeguard your product throughout its entire life cycle, a continuous testing process is exactly what you need. The seemingly high investments will be amortised quickly, a positive return on investment (ROI) will be realised quickly.


comlet accompanies you in the introduction of a suitable strategy right from the start, regardless of whether you already have experience, only want to implement certain partial aspects or pursue a big bang approach.

Holistic approach

Regardless of whether your development process is set up classically according to the V-model or agile, iterative. We take a holistic view of your process and can plan and implement suitable test activities in every phase or at every level of the test pyramid. Although we focus on a continuous testing process that is fully embedded in the development process, there are product features where human experience and intuition are indispensable. We provide you with active support in weighing this up and then in implementing it.

Our Continuous Testing portfolio

We help you to safeguard the quality of your products at every stage of the project.


You would like to redefine the topic of testing for yourself or you already carry out manual test activities to validate your product? Regardless of your initial situation, we advise and plan your path to a continuous testing process together with you. In the end, you will receive a concept that has been adapted to your specific needs and requirements and that serves as a basis for implementation.

We pay attention to conformity with current standards such as ISO 29119 or ISO 25010 and answer your questions regarding an efficient test organisation.

Test specification

We derive test cases rigorously from your requirements. If you have not yet defined any, we will be happy to do so in advance. A test specification is not only the basis for your test plans, but also a lot more: e.g. a (technical) documentation about the behaviour of your product or an effective means to uncover gaps and ambiguities in the requirements (requirements gap analysis).

Test automation

We realise test automation at all levels of the test pyramid. Starting with unit tests at the component level, through integration tests to system and acceptance tests, we can support you. We are happy to take on the development of individual software for the integration of special embedded technology as well. We are also familiar with agile methodologies such as test-driven software development (e.g. TDD, BDD or ATDD).

Furthermore, we also offer the implementation of simulations, especially on the system or end-to-end level. We are happy to do this model-driven as well.

Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing marries test automation with a continuous integration process. Particularly in the agile environment, this approach is state of the art and indispensable for short release cycles in order not to lose sight of quality. We have developed a solution specifically for black box testing that is tailored to the needs of current embedded and IoT product developments.