Sichere Over-the-Air Updates für IoT Geräte

OTA updates – core component of connected IoT devices

Do you want to establish new business models or add new functions to existing ones? Do you need to fix software bugs or close security gaps? Then you need a suitable OTA update solution to update software and data on embedded and IoT devices – robustly, securely and remotely!

comlet offers a tailor-made solution for this: UpKit, the secure Over-the-Air (OTA) update solution for your IoT product, whether as a retrofit kit or part of a new development!

Your product can do more – use the full potential

Cost-efficient software maintenance

Fixing bugs and security issues made easy

No software is without bugs, but with OTA updates you can fix them quick and efficiently. Time is also an important component in fixing security vulnerabilities to avoid greater damage and subsequent costs.

New business models

OTA updates are an enabler for digital business models

Because of the connection to the end device, new business models such as the sale of additional functions or subscription-based models can be introduced. Data-based services can be realised by connecting to a cloud service.

Continuous product maintenance

Extend product lifetime – reduce complexity

Improving existing functionality and adding new features increases the attractiveness of the devices and binds customers to your product in the longer term.

Ready for Regulations

Make your product future-proof!

New regulatory requirements and standards mandate the mandatory use of secure updates for IoT devices in various industries (e.g. ETSI EN 303 645, UL 2900, UN ECE R156). Make your device future-proof now! We will be happy to advise you individually.

State-of-the-art security – no compromises

OTA software updates are one of the most security-critical functions in IoT devices because they constitute remote code execution (arbitrary parts of the software can be changed remotely). Safety is our top priority so you don’t have to worry about this — without compromise.

UpKit uses digital signatures to ensure that your updates have not been tampered with (integrity) and can only be issued by authorised entities (authenticity). In addition, encryption protects your software update from reverse engineering (confidentiality).

UpKit advantages at a glance

Secure by Design

Signed and encrypted updates – No security by obscurity!

Simple integration

Easy integration via APIs, intuitive tool to configure your update process

Configurable updates

The update process is configurable and does not have to be stored on the device.

Flexible Deployment

Pull updates with direct internet connection or push updates via gateway (e.g. smartphone app)


UpKit is independent of the hardware and transmission protocols used.


Built-in status monitoring of the update process and error reports.


Built-in failsafe mode ensures that only complete updates are installed and executed.


UpKit is compatible with IETF SUIT (Software Updates for Internet of Things).