IoT Security

The “S” in IoT stands for Security

Unfortunately, security is not a fundamental component of the billions of devices that make up today’s Internet of Things. Increasing connectivity and access to private data and sensitive areas make these devices an attractive target for attack. The increasing complexity of hardware, software and data transmission technologies makes it a mammoth task to protect IoT devices, data and infrastructure from attacks.

Security is not an add-on

The security concept for these devices must be as complex as the areas of application in the Internet of Things. In addition to hardware and software, data flows, transmission technologies and interfaces to external providers such as cloud services also play an important role. The causes of missing or faulty security concepts are mostly due to the following reasons:

Lack of security knowledge

(conception, domain knowledge)

Faulty implementation

Time pressure / Time-2-Market

Benefit from our many years of expertise

We help you to make your embedded / IoT product more secure in every project phase. Individually adapted, without restrictions in productivity or usability.

Security Evaluations

We analyse your product documentation and specification to identify security issues and vulnerabilities. Through a Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment (TARA), we evaluate gaps in the security model according to criticality and can make targeted recommendations for mitigation. Consumer IoT devices can be prepared for ETSI EN 303 645 certification via a gap analysis.

Secure Design

Plan security early in the concept phase and benefit from a future-proof product in the long term. We accompany you and show you how critical components such as OTA updates, certificate management or encryption can be securely implemented in your product.

Secure Integration & Implementation

Whether it’s the secure integration of open source software or the implementation of security-critical components such as the connection of ARM Trustzone, encryption, device provisioning or secure over-the-air (OTA) updates. You can rely on our many years of expertise.

Security Trainings & Workshops

We are happy to pass on our knowledge of IoT security to you and train your employees in workshops or individual seminars / webinars on the topics of embedded and IoT security.