IoT Maker

Kurze Time-2-Market mit unserem IoT Baukasten

Our future is connected

The trend towards digitalisation and networking in sectors such as automotive, Industry 4.0, smart home or consumer IoT is unstoppable. Connected IoT devices offer added value for customers and manufacturers through

Wireless (over-the-air) software updates

Configuration and control via mobile devices and web services

Data synchronisation between connected devices

Data-based services with Machine Learning

Integration with cloud services such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure

Connectivity is a complexity driver

Your business case is built on connected smart devices. However, the many details of various hardware and firmware components, as well as their configuration and commissioning, are proving to be time-consuming and complex. The actual application is still a long way off. The components are only supposed to exchange data securely and stably. But with increasing networking, the requirements for device security also increase dramatically – a vicious circle.


With comlet’s IoT Maker, you no longer need to worry about the tedious details. We provide you with the right components for a fast and secure hardware commissioning. All that’s missing is the application – and your IoT product is ready for use. With the help of the IoT Maker, connected devices can be realised with and without a direct internet connection.

Use-Case BLE

Smart Device without direct internet connection

Consumer IoT or Industry 4.0 devices that do (or should) not have a direct internet connection and communicate via a gateway device (smartphone, laptop or other edge device) with Bluetooth Low Energy.

Use-Case LTE / NB-IoT

Smart Device with direct internet connection

Smart sensors and edge devices that can exchange data directly with a web server or cloud services such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. Depending on the application, LTE (via eSIM) or NB-IoT can be used for transmission.

4 steps to your IoT product

You have the idea, we make sure you can implement it quickly


Your Idea

Everything starts with a product idea. You set the framework conditions, we find the optimal solution for you.


IoT Maker

We provide you with a stable and secure software foundation on which you can build your product.



The only thing missing is the application for your business case. Quickly and easily integrated into our software base.



Short Time-2-Market for your IoT device. Future-proof with builtin Over-the-Air (OTA) update functionality.

Maker building blocks

Your hardware is ready for use in no time at all

Basic Firmware

Everything needed to get a basic system running on the hardware, including bootloader, RTOS and transport protocols. Tested and perfectly harmonised.

OTA Updates
Wireless over-the-air update functionality with configurable update process. Flexible transmission, e.g. via Bluetooth LE (BLE) or LTE-M. Compatible with IETF SUIT.
Builtin Security

Signed and encrypted updates, secure boot, secure device provisioning, connection / configuration of ARM Trustzone, crypto coprocessors, access control lists

Software-in-the-Loop (SIL) Testing

Test your software without hardware. The integrated connection to the hardware virtualisation Renode makes it possible.

End-To-End Testing

Automatic end-to-end tests based on our Embedded TestKit continuously ensure product quality.

We complete your solution individually on request

End-2-End development from a single partner

Firmware Development

Everything from one source – our speciality! We develop your device firmware, individually tailored to your business case.

Cloud Connection

We connect your device to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or your own cloud so you can build data-driven services.

Mobile Application

Would you like to be able to operate your device via app? We build the right cross-platform app for you.