Embedded TestKit

Quality for Embedded Systems

Continuous and Automated Tests

You develop complex products based on connected systems and want to ensure the quality of your products or have to develop new variants quickly and cost-effectively in an agile environment. At the same time, you want and need to ensure quality. You shy away from the effort of implementing your own test automation environment, but still want to build up the know-how to be able to write your own tests in the long term.

comlet offers a tailor-made solution: Embedded TestKit, a flexible test environment for the automation of black box tests, that adapts to your conditions.

Secure your product – Use our Embedded TestKit

Continuous Quality Assurance

With our solution, you automatically and continuously monitor the quality of your product and receive early feedback if something no longer meets the required quality criteria.

Test Environment for Automation

Our solution embeds itself naturally into your development process as an environment for the automation of black-box or end-to-end tests at the system, validation or acceptance level.

State-of-the-Art Quality Assurance

No serious product can do without quality assurance. Our solution ensures that your product quality is state of the art and works automatically and continuously, embedded even in the most agile development processes — without compromise.

Embedded TestKit advantages at a glance


The interface for automating tests is implemented consequently in a keyword-driven fashion according to ISO 29119-5. With suitable keyword design, test cases can be specified in a language that is very close to a natural one. This means that tests can be understood (or even defined) by every stakeholder in your company.


The black box approach ensures the behaviour of your product at its external interfaces. Since this behaviour can be defined very early in the product development, the associated tests can also be specified and implemented very early – even before the functionality is implemented.

Continuous Testing

Of course, the automated tests based on our solution can be integrated into an existing Continuous Integration pipeline and thus continuously ensure the product quality. If there is no CI/CD strategy yet, we will build a suitable solution for you with our Software Config Management.

Not only functionality

In addition to functional quality characteristics, ISO 25010 also lists seven other categories, most of which can be effectively ensured through the black box approach (e.g. performance, usability, compatibility or security).

Flexible test environment

If desired, our solution can either be integrated into your existing (development) environment (e.g. on the basis of a virtual machine) or run separately and compartmentalised in a Docker container.

Extended requirements

The keyword-driven approach adds another dimension to your requirements: not only can gaps be identified (gap analysis), but the tests can be seen as an integral part of a requirement definition.

Behavior- / Data-Driven

Our solution also supports behaviour-driven or data-driven approaches to test case specification.

Reduction of Complexity

Suitable technology drivers specially adapted to the needs of embedded and IoT systems reduce the complexity of test case specification to the level of natural language.

Flexible Architectures

The architecture is based on the “Generic Test Automation Architecture (gTAA)” proposed by the ISTQB and thus ensures that our solution can be seamlessly integrated into your development process.

Customer feedback on the Embedded TestKit

iris GmbH infrared & intelligent sensors

As expected, the solution "Embedded TestKit" from comlet seamlessly integrated into our development process and successfully harnessed the interfaces of our passenger counting sensors. In a very short time frame, we were able to automatically and continuously secure robustness as an important quality property to us.
We are definitely expanding our test environment based on the solution and are looking forward to future projects together.