Software Config Management with DevOps Methods

Quality and productivity come together for us

Due to the increasing complexity of applications, ever decreasing release cycles and constantly growing legal requirements for the fulfilment of standards, new challenges arise in order to meet growing cost pressure. In addition, market demands for OTA (Over The Air Updates) and features on demand make it necessary to rethink the entire software development cycle.


In order to optimally meet these challenges, software configuration management based on DevOps methods is essential.

Productivity increase

through the use of DevOps methods

In our projects, we use the specifications of the standards, such as traceability and reproducibility, to increase productivity while improving quality.

These two core elements are the basis for creating automated development and test environments, for using CI/CD systems or for generating release notes. Automation reduces errors in routine tasks and leads to fast feedback in case of errors in the software.

Optimise your development process today

We are happy to support you in the analysis of your development projects and show you potential for improvement.

Development Process Evaluations

We analyse your development process and show you potential for improving the productivity and quality of your software. We take into account whether you are planning a new setup or want to optimise an existing project. To this end, we provide you with suggestions adapted to the project situation and support you in implementing them.

Optimize time-2-market

By using IaC (Infrastructure as Code), we accelerate your project start and lay the foundation for traceability and reproducibility from the development environment to delivery. By using generated VMs or Docker containers, your developers can concentrate on the essentials instead of having to invest a lot of time in setting up the development environment when changing projects.

Unified Development Environment

With a uniform concept for a company-wide build process and a uniform repository structure, we ensure that your development resources are optimally adapted to each new project. Familiarisation with new tools, repository structures and processes is no longer necessary.

Continuous Integration Systems

CI systems are the key to automated quality gates. It doesn’t matter whether you just want to find syntax errors in the source code, run tests automatically or realise an automated delivery of software.