Digital Cockpit

The highly connected control center

For vehicles of different types, we develop software for infotainment systems, control terminals, connectivity solutions and online services, among other things. Wherever software is used to create a differentiating feature or to create added value through interaction with hardware. We are at your side as a reliable partner.

Complexity has many aspects

The variety of interfaces, technologies, components and protocols is immense. Among other things, these aspects make development projects a particular challenge.
A large number of project participants can only reach their goal in a targeted manner if clear interfaces and communication channels exist – both technically and organisationally.
With increasing development time, not only the functional scope and maturity of a system grows. There are resource shortages, the famous bottlenecks, and a variety of error patterns. Here, it is not only important to maintain an overview. The right sense of proportion is also crucial, for example when it comes to introducing improvements in a “minimally invasive” fashion.
The famous peak loads usually come at an unfortunate time. The area of tension between deadlines, delivery and functional scope is then usually particularly great. It is a matter of strengthening one’s own development team at short notice and without unnecessary frictional losses.

Benefit from our many years of expertise

We support you in every phase of your project. Fast, targeted and, above all, individual.

Integration of mobile devices and services

The goal of many projects is to make mobile devices and services in the vehicle a tangible experience. In doing so, we always move in complex architectures and implement the solutions of tomorrow for our customers.

No safety

without security

In addition to functional safety, security aspects are also an integral part of the functional scope of modern ECUs. Legal requirements (e.g. UNECE R155) make it mandatory to take these into account. The implementation of corresponding measures is part of our daily work.


In order to make driving even more comfortable and safe, the networking of vehicles is constantly increasing. For a long time now, this has not only applied within the vehicle. The wireless networking of the vehicle with its environment opens up completely new perspectives and enables the implementation of scenarios that were long unimaginable. Talk to us about your use case.

Tailor-made project support

Within the scope of our support services, we address the individual needs of our customers. Whether it’s selective reinforcement of your development or a customised project team. We provide you with the project support you need.