We turn components into systems!

We are far ahead of the Internet of Things – we have been a technology partner in networking for over 20 years.

Based on our proven Connectivity-Solutions you can develop your own product fast and easily. You receive the necessary adaptations and additional features through our individual Services. From conception to mobile IoT apps to cloud connectivity: We are at home in embedded software development.

Digital transformation – we support you!

Digitization and automation are the tools for mastering tomorrow’s challenges. Modern Apps communicate with software in embedded components via various interfaces using diverse technologies. Data is the raw material for intelligent decision-making processes, KI- Algorithms recognize correlations even in the largest amounts of data that remain hidden to human observers.

Security – but safe!

Anyone who still thinks “I’ll do security at the end” is taking a big risk. The whole world is networked. Everything communicates with everything else. For your distributed industrial application , security must be at the top of the list right from the start.

Countless variants – comprehensible!

Your software systems are becoming increasingly complex. Updates, patches and fixes must be continuously maintained and tracebility is mandatory. We know how. Our experts in the Software Configuration Management have the right solution for you too.

Quality – without compromises!

Testing systems early and comprehensively is the key to higher quality and avoids expensive bug fixes in the future. But which is the right approach? How large does the test coverage really need to be? We show the way to your individual test strategy. With our test portfolio you increase the satisfaction of your customers.

We know the solutions of tomorrow!

As a spin-off of Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences, comlet has its roots in the university environment. Collaboration with universities and cooperation with international research institutes are part of our DNA. We already recognize the trends in R&D today.

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