IoT Development

Connectivity – the basis of an interconnected world

The ever-increasing interconnectedness of everything with everything else is changing the way we live, work and do business. The convergence of different areas is leading to new types of products, services and business models. The interaction of embedded systems, mobile end devices, edge devices, gateways and cloud systems contributes to the emergence of diverse communication relationships.

Where do the challenges lie?

In addition to the basic tasks involved in project implementation, (Industrial) IoT projects include a number of special aspects.

The networking of different devices and systems usually brings additional complexity. The number of (communication) interfaces increases immensely. In addition, there are usually various solution concepts for implementing the respective use case. It is important to keep this diversity in mind right from the start.
Rarely are all software components of a system developed in-house. Rather, it is usually a matter of integrating many individual software components (drivers, frameworks, libraries,…) into an overall system. It is essential to consider the issue of security and the corresponding concepts right from the start.
In (I)IoT systems, the application logic usually no longer runs centrally on a device. It is implemented in a distributed manner, on several units of the respective infrastructure. With a focus on the respective business case, it is important to internalise this.
Adding a communication interface to a product already on the market or connecting it to a cloud and/or a mobile application is a special scenario. Here it can be a matter of implementing the new use cases with as few adaptations as possible to the original product.

Rely on our know-how for your product development

For over 20 years, we have been supporting our customers in the development of successful products.

Embedded Devices

It’s often the little things … What is true in many areas of life is also valid in the technical world of the (I)IoT. Small devices, equipped with sensors and communication technology to implement the respective use cases, are often a central component of IoT systems.

Since the day we were founded, we have been developing software for embedded devices. Whether a hardware-based “bare metal implementation” or one based on a (real-time) operating system. The Things of the (I)IoT are exactly our thing.

Cloud Connectivity

The implementation of corresponding communication protocols and technology stacks in our customers’ products is business as usual for us.

We also handle the powerful APIs of various cloud providers. Bring your product into the cloud with us.

Basis Software

A solid software base is the foundation for a stable system. The selection of suitable (real-time) operating systems, frameworks, middleware, protocol stacks or device drivers is usually use case and customer-specific. Benefit from our expertise.

Device Management

In addition to the core functionalities of a system, the scopes in connection with the management of the devices, such as provisioning, remote diagnostics or over-the-air updates, are of great importance.

Having accompanied our customers through numerous product launches, we know the challenges that arise.